Oscillate Wildly Press, located in Brisbane, QLD, was established in 2016 and is one of Australia’s newest independent publishers. We publish and nurture first-time authors, as well as established authors. We focus on anthologies, but also publish a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction, literary memoir and biography, academic journals, and actively encourage poetry manuscripts. As an independent publisher, we are committed to quality and challenging works that retain an Australian flavour whilst appealing to both national and international markets.

Oscillate Wildly Press is interested in publishing both fiction and non-fiction in the genres of horror, mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, and the plain weird. We aim to provide our readers with stories that entertain, and at the same time say something about society and the human condition. We are particularly interested in supporting first-time Australian authors. Please be aware that, unlike other publishing houses, Oscillate Wildly Press only releases titles periodically, from 1-3 titles a year, and specialise in anthologies.

If you are a writer, please refer to and carefully read our submission guidelines.

Do you need examples? Here are just a handful of our founder/editor’s favourite authors:

Clive Barker ~ Anne Rice ~ Stephen King ~ Dean Koontz~ Isobelle Carmody ~ Sonya Hartnett ~ H.P. Lovecraft ~ Edgar Allan Poe ~ Jack Kerouac ~ Kurt Vonnegut ~ Neil Gaiman ~ Idris Murdoch ~ Jeffrey Archer ~Mary Shelley

Claire Fitzpatrick

Senior Developmental Editor

Claire Fitzpatrick is a journalist, editor, and award-nominated author of speculative fiction. She is a submissions editor at Aurealis, Australia’s most successful SF/fantasy magazine. She holds a Bachelor’s degree of Government and International Relations from Griffith University, and a Graduate Certificate in Writing, Editing, and Publishing from the University of Queensland.

David Barbara

Associate Editor

David Barbara is an associate editor with experience in research, fact-checking, and grammatical editing.

Lorelei Malancioiu

Marketing and Communications Assistant

Lorelei Malancioiu is a marketing and communications assistant, writer, and voracious reader. She is a recent graduate from the University of Queensland with an extended major in English Literature, and a minor in History.

Daniel Seed

Publishing Assistant

Daniel Seed is the owner and operator of Stringer Press, an independent hyperlocal news press catering to Logan City. Stringer Press has been shortlisted for the Wakerley Foundation Innovation Grant. Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University Of Queensland.

Alex Duffy

Audiovisual Assistant

Alex Duffy is a seasoned musician with extensive knowledge in music theory and production. Alex has edited several book trailers and continues to create exemplary book trailers catered to individual authors.

Lauren Crocker
Marketing Assistant

Lauren Eleanor is a photographer and marketing assistant with experience in project planning and marketing design.  She is a seasoned SEO/SEM whiz who collaborates with the senior editor to create and contribute marketing campaigns for Oscillate Wildly Press.

Shane K Ryan

Cover Artist

Shane K Ryan is an award-winning graphic artist. The bizarre and macabre creations of Ryan have been featured in many genre websites, magazines and books, such as his feature on Fangoria.com ‘Horror Art From Down Under’ and his interview with Scream Horror Magazine. Published works in horror genre books include VHS VIdeo Nasties, The Book Of Tribes & Stories From The Chapel.

Shane has been involved in many horror community projects and collaborations such as creating art for the Fix The Chapel movement, a fund raiser that successfully raised 50K to restore the chapel from the opening scene of Night Of The Living Dead, as well as creating artworks for the keep sake book ‘The Book Of The Tribes,’ part of the campaign to bring Clive Barkers Night Breed The Cabal Cut to Australia. www.graphicxhorror.com

Artist Statement:

“As a horror artist for over the last two decades, I have always strived to bring my own style, techniques, visionary, imagination, and visual voice to my work. As a horror fan for just as long, I have craved to contribute to the industry, to the fans and to one day become a house hold name within the horror genre. I will continue to always better my last efforts, to broaden the mediums and tools at my disposal, to continue to forge new friendships and working relationships within the industry, and to continue to push the boundaries of style, innovation and design.”

Dominic Kirwan

Poetry Editor

Dominic Kirwan is a poet and editor from Brisbane. He is the author of ‘Put A Smile On That Face’ and ‘Where Words Go When They Die.’ He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Central Queensland University (Literature and Drama).

David Gibson

Fiction Editor and Internal Artist

David Gibson is a well-read freelance artist of pornographic and religious art.

David/ ‘deI’vid/ n. (pl. Davids) (1985-) Arcane and often derogatory term for the 5’3″ homo sapien currently residing in the South East of Australia. The David is often subject to rapid changes in colour, mood and texture when exposed or applied to different circumstances and substances. All following information pertains to said individual. [etymology: from Hebrew meaning “beloved”]

Visit him at www.instagram.com/montalvooxnard/ or @FatherMuck on Facebook.