Eucalyptus Goth
Brian Craddock

A full decade after Jello Biafra declared Brisbane a heavy junta police state, Dante Halloran navigates its streets aided only by his wits and a debilitating mental illness that he has nicknamed The Inferno.

Australia has just ushered in a change of Government, and is still reeling from the recession that it “had to have”, but for Dante these are hardly events that concern him: his is the pursuit of love, of somewhere to lay his head at night, of friendships that won’t wane with the passing of the seasons.

With him on this journey are his so-called friends, equally lost: Twix, whose jealousies threaten to undermine their brotherhood; Alex, slowly spiralling out of control with the onset of her own condition; and Pixie, determined to find her own, potentially fatal, way in life.

EUCALYPTUS GOTH explores a city now lost to time, where skinheads and punks clashed on the streets and a night at the Normanby Hotel was considered a rite of passage for the babybat goths.

Strange Car In My Street
Peter Gate

strange /stren (d)/ adjective: strange; comparative adjective: stranger; superlative adjective: strangest 1. unusual or surprising; difficult to understand or explain. 2. not previously visited, seen or encountered; unfamiliar or alien.

“Peter Gate’s first collection of poetry ‘Strange Car In My Street’ tempers the limits of a limitless seduction. Words fly from these pages like maimed birds, lashing at the reader’s face with promises, begging you to let them in, to heal them, to embrace them. This delightful tome is a testament to love, wonderment, and the everyday heartbreak of the wounded poet. – Dominic Kirwan, Author of Where Words Go When They Die

The Body Horror Book
Edited by C.J Fitzpatrick

Drawing from horror visionaries such as Clive Barker, David Cronenberg, and Mark Powell, including introspective analysis of films such as ‘Tusk,’ ‘The Fly,’ ‘Hellraiser,’ and ‘Eat,’ The Body Horror Book is a non-fiction exploration of the monstrous aspect of the human form.

By exploring the literary trope of the carnival and the grotesque, and how the state of cultural and political affairs dictate the monsters created within fiction and film, The body Horror Book is designed to educate, terrify, intrigue, and beguile, if you dare to enter the rabbit hole….

Insightful and downright entertaining, e Body Horror Book pierces the tenuous membrane between fiction and reality, exposing the fears we all have in common … the horrors inflicted on the human body.” – Bob Pastorella, reviewer at

Fascinating and accessible, the Body Horror Book is a strikingly diverse exploration of horror that is interested not simply in getting under your skin, but also in finding out just what you’ve got hiding under there.” – William Tea, Ginger Nuts Of Horror

…a solid and thought-provoking production.’ – Tabula Rassa Mag

300 Degree Days & Other Stories
Deborah Sheldon


Sometimes, the ties that bind are sharp enough to cut. In these eleven stories, set in contemporary Australian suburbia, Deborah Sheldon examines the darker side of family relationships. Unsettling and incisively written, each story of betrayal, envy, loss or bad blood resonates for a long time after reading.

‘Sheldon’s stories lift the skin of small, suburban lives to expose the raw nerves beneath. Her writing is intimate, compelling and alarming…’ – The Short Review, UK.

When the Gods Walked Out
C. E Robertson

Josie is a nun who fears she has lost her connection with God. When she leaves the convent in search of it, she has no idea that she is walking into a world turned upside down. No matter how hard he tries, Neal cannot figure out what is plaguing the human race.

Science has never failed him before, but as more people continue to die and reanimate, he begins to wonder if he has put his faith in the wrong thing. Brought together by the circumstances surrounding them, Josie and Neal must come to terms with their own ideas about life and death and try to escape the horror that has descended, now that the gods have walked out.


Coming soon from CE Robertson, author of ‘Death And Other Ends.’

John C. Adams

Oscillate Wildly Press are excited to announce the upcoming release of Blackacre.

Blackacre is a limited horror universe, where the discomfort and fear of the ‘everyday unusual’ happenings are balanced with satisfying and upbeat endings and a certainty that family loyalties will see the Flints and Ffanshawes through their troubles. Think of it as the Addams family and H P Lovecraft meets Downton Abbey.

Each story is fully stand-alone but there is also the satisfaction for the reader of following two families through generations of dark and macabre events at their homes in the north of England. Some much-loved characters return story after story. Others appear only once or twice in the anthology. All are connected in some way. The intended market is a general horror readership with particular focus on those who love the works of HP Lovecraft.

Coming soon from John C Adams, author of ‘Souls For The Master,’ (Sinister Saints Press).

Queen To His King
David M Hoenig


Debut speculative fiction prose novel from a multitalented author. David is a practicing physician for whom writing is his second career. His interest in sci fi began when he watched original Star Trek episodes on his mother’s lap and continues unabated to this day.

David has been fortunate to have published multiple short stories with a variety of publishers, including:

FlameTree Publishing
Cast of Wonders
Digital Fiction Publishing
Nonbinary Review/Zoetic Press
Horrified Press
Dark Chapter Press
Nebula Rift Magazine
Morning Rain Publishing
Oscillate Wildly Press

Visit his Amazon author page.


Coming soon.