Oscillate Wildly Press are closed for submissions while we work on upcoming titles.

At Oscillate Wildly Press, we endeavour to assess all submissions within 6-9 months, but occasionally it may take longer. We reply to all submissions and will contact you as soon as a decision has been made. Please resist emailing to ask how your submission is faring – when there is news you will be the first to hear.

We will provide individual feedback or assistance in the early stages of manuscript development. If you would like further information about writing and getting published, we suggest you visit the website of the Queensland Writer’s Centre.

Oscillate Wildly Press will consider submissions in the genres of horror, mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, general, and the plain weird. We are particularly interested in supporting first-time Australian authors. General fiction, as well as Australiana and Young Adult, is also welcomed. Please be aware that, unlike other publishing houses, Oscillate Wildly Press only releases titles periodically, from 1-3 titles a year, and specialise in anthologies.

Please use the standard William Shunn manuscript format for manuscripts.

Oscillate Wildly Press buys Exclusive Worldwide English Language Rights (no reprints), with 6-month exclusivity after first publication, and pays $15 per short story and $5 per poem. No simultaneous or multiple submissions please, and no reprints. Oscillate Wildly Press offer novel publications 50% of royalties for sales. We do not offer advances.

On acceptance, Oscillate Wildly Press will require a contract to be signed that allows us to publish your book in print and/or eBook editions. We do not print in hardcover. We pay our cover illustrators, however will accepted previously designed covers if they meet our standard.


How To Submit

Manuscripts should be submitted in complete form, or as a partial manuscript (first three chapters), including a full book proposal and book outline. Please be sure to also include the following items in your submission:

Please send:
A covering letter including a brief description of the work.
An author biography with publication history and awards.
A brief statement concerning intended readership or market.
The first three chapters. If there is interest, the full text will be called for.
Please only send singular short fiction during anthology submission periods. If you have a short fiction collection you are interested in pitching, send a table of contents, a 1-2 sentence synopsis of each story, and let us know if the stories have been published individually elsewhere.

Please send:
An outline including a table of contents and brief chapter summaries.
The opening three chapters. If there is interest, a fuller submission may be called for.
A brief author bio listing publication history, awards, relevant qualifications and experience.
Samples of visual material (photos, illustrations, maps etc.) where applicable. Copies only, please.
A brief description of intended readership with an explanation of how your book differs from others in the same field or market.

Please send:
A covering letter including a brief description of the work.
An author bio with publication history and awards.
A brief statement concerning intended readership or market.
The entire manuscript.
Table of contents where applicable.

If we find the manuscript has sufficient commercial merit, we will send the author a letter of offer. At this stage (if possible), we would also seek to arrange a meeting between the author and editor to discuss the book and ensure a good fit between parties (however email and telephone correspondence will also suffice).

Please DO NOT send original artwork or photographs. We prefer to receive photocopies of all visual material in the first instance.

Please DO NOT send the sole copy of your work. ONLY doc or rtf files. DO NOT include in the body of the email. While every care is taken, Oscillate Wildly Press cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of submission material.

Please keep in mind Oscillate Wildly Press is managed by a small team and will work with you as efficiently and effectively as we can. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Submissions can be sent to c.fitzpatrick@uqconnect.edu.au. Please address all submissions to Claire Fitzpatrick.